Welcome to Coaching

Hello and welcome to the first blog on my new website.

The aim of this blog is not to preach but to offer insights into some of the many challenges that many of us are coming up against in these `interesting` times.

Many people ask me the question,` What is coaching exactly?`

My answer is always the same, `Listening, mostly, in order to really help you figure out where you want to be.`

Of course, coaching is subjective and many people have a number of misconceptions about what coaching really is.

For me, coaching is about working with companies and individuals who are motivated to improve and become even better than they already are. Individuals and companies that want to be clear about their values, ambitions, career and business strategies.

That is where I come into the mix. I strongly believe in being fully engaged with every client, working with and empowering you in order to achieve positive and sustainable change in key areas of your life. As my client, you will find that this transformation inevitably leads to significant changes for you, your organisation, or your team.

Finally, I work with you to gain clarity about where you want to be and achieve your personal and business goals.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.


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