Karl Andre – International Headhunter

It is all too easy in life to get bogged down by external influences and lose a little bit of our „self”, neglecting not just who we are as individuals, but our individual needs and what we want to achieve from life. Andrew, throughout our sessions, was able to guide me into compartmentalising these external forces and drawing some focus back on what drives me as an individual, what values I uphold, what my needs are and allowed me to develop a game plan for ensuring I focused on pleasing me some of the time, not just everyone else. Andrew has a very relaxed non-judgmental approach geared towards „enabling” us to rationalise our lives and develop our own mechanisms to achieve success in all areas of life. I would recommend that if you feel you are straying from your desired path, that you also speak to Andrew.

Collette Venturas – Future Revolutionary Psychologist

Andrew’s patience really became my rock during the very stressful period of my degree. Nothing was ever too much for Andrew nor was a question ever insignificant. His non-judgmental approach and openness to discuss any and every topic really made me feel comfortable from the first session. Every week he met my rollercoaster of moods with the same calm, caring and intuitive energy. Having a coach like Andrew in my life that I knew I could count on really helped me navigate my own way through what was one of the most stressful times of my life. Not only was he extremely dependable, punctual and accountable he also has a wealth of knowledge that he was always very happy to share which was very helpful for me along my journey. Without his endless enthusiasm for what he does and his relentless cheerleading and faith in me, I can honestly say I may not have finished my dissertation. If you have a lot going on in your life and need someone to help you find your path to success and fulfilment through reaching your goals, small or big, Andrew is the coach you need!

Tayib Etti – Finance Manager

After 7 months of job hunting without success, I decided to contact Andrew to explore the possibility of registering with his organisation. I had never met Andrew before but spoke to him on the phone on a number of occasions with regards to my organisation’s recruitment needs. I finally met Andrew in March 2014 at his office for an interview where he made some notes and asked me some questions about myself, my aspiration, career to date, achievements, etc. I answered some of the questions to the best of my knowledge and ability but struggled with quite a few. During this interviewing process, Andrew told me to relax as he wanted to help to build my confidence and to achieve my goal of getting my next role. At the end of the interview, Andrew gave me some written life cycle exercises to do, which we discussed afterwards. These exercises covered areas such as family matters, financial, career goals, achievements to date, etc. Andrew initially listened to my version of events and then helped me to see how I could achieve my goals if I believed in myself and worked with him with full commitment. The above process only lasted an hour, but I immediately agreed to see him again for another session the following week. As with all things in life, coaching costs money and I informed Andrew of my financial situation as I wasn’t working at the time. To my surprise, Andrew told me not to worry about money but to concentrate on the areas we were working on together in order to further develop myself. To cut a long story short, we came to an agreement about payment and Andrew got me an interview and ultimately a job in my desired area of expertise, just under 6 weeks after attending our first coaching session. Having worked with Andrew, my advice to anyone contemplating working with him as your coach is to listen to what he has to say, don’t be shy to speak your mind if you are unsure of anything and be prepared to learn new techniques with a can-do attitude and together you will reach your goals. I will continue to work with Andrew well into the future.

Adriano Savellis – International HR Executive

Andrew’s easy-going style makes him a very easy person to talk to and I always looked forward to our conversations. Over the course of 12 weeks, what I found most valuable was our ability to always arrive at concrete actions at the end of each session and to be held accountable. At the end of our relationship, I had gained not only a greater self-awareness but also an understanding as to how to link my actions to my core objectives — particularly my Values — and achieve my desired results.